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Whisper a Scream is a great example of how two separate genres of literary work can be blended so well...horror and Christian. Most people would find it odd to hear those two descriptions used to refer to the same book but author Pete Turner succeeded in blending the two effortlessly. Whisper a Scream takes the reader on a journey with chilling twists and turns that will have the reader questioning the very limits of reality. This a great first book from a local author. I would suggest this book for fans of various genres. He is in the process of getting his second book ready for publishing and I look forward to seeing what surprises he has in store for the readers next. Pick up a copy of Whisper a Scream and get ready for the next book.—O. G.—


A great read from a new author. You never know what to expect next in Whisper a Scream. You are never really sure what's real and what might be a dream. It's often said "Write what you know". Pete Turner knows Christian Horror. With this level of suspense, I'm already in line for book two.—Repo—


With a gripping plot, straightforward writing style, and plenty of mystery and cliffhangers, Whisper a Scream is full of everything a good horror needs. Wrapped around the core mystery is the journey of Solomon Noche as he delves into secrets surrounding the town and ancient events that occurred there. Every layer he uncovers is interesting; never is there a dull moment and never anything predictable or expected. The side characters are easy to form attachments to as Solomon's friends, though as shrouds of confusion lift, it becomes clear that the real source of Solomon's reliance, strength, and triumph can only be God. The journey as a human he must make lies in whether he can accept this, as he has in the past, but he doesn't have forever; evil forced are at war all around him as he quickly becomes their target.

Enough of my ranting. Whisper A Scream is a thrill and a riveting adventure, full of wonderfully gruesome creatures to strike terror and inescapable suspense guaranteed to keep the book tightly clenched in your fists. Seriously, guys, you should read.—Lindsey Weist—


I loved Pete Turners book Whisper A Scream. It kept me reading every spare minute till it was finished. I am really looking forward to more of his work.—Phyllis McIntosh—


This book kept my attention throughout the entire book. Scary, interesting, riveting all in one and the fact that it is a Christian Horror novel made it even more interesting to me. I am not a big horror fan but this book was a great read. I had never really thought about combining the two. Pete Turner shows in this novel it can be done. I would recommend it to anyone even those that do not really like horror.—Vickie Smith—


Whisper A Scream is a fun read, sure. But it also is an awakening to the world behind our world. As the story moves forward, the varnish is stripped away to reveal the ugly undercurrent of evil that surrounds the willingly blind and the slumbering enlightened. Who goes there? Friend or foe? Who walks among us and what is their true cause? Think you know? So did the main character. Yet even as the stripped away varnish reveals the horrid finish of evil, a luster of the grain of truth wears through, even burns through with a holy fire. God's love for us is boundless and the Refiner's fire, though painful, sears away the dross to bring us closer still to Him. Not that the demand on our main character is perfection. On the contrary. The message is to have your anger. Have your confusion. Bring your burden of sorrows to the cross where all is bought and paid for and leave them at the foot. Power and forgiveness, blessings beyond comprehension await those who depend on a Loving God and woe to evil against that armor. Whisper is a story of redemption and perspective. It is years of experience, pain, sorrow, forgiveness and joy as a prodigal son comes home. Read it and weep.—D. Doyle Reynolds Author of Shift—


Pete has done an amazing job bringing light to the unseen. As a YA speculative/Christian fiction author myself it made me think about what's going on around us that we, as humans, have absolutely no clue on. His imagery on that unseen world is awesome. Cannot wait for the next one. ~Jenna Kay~ Author of Clarity and Broken—


This book will keep you spellbound from beginning to end!!! Pete Turner has outdone himself with this book. I think this would be a perfect book to be transferred onto the big screen. Turner's blend of Christianity and Horror bring in the perfect blend for success. I am looking forward to more books from this Author!!! –Joe Collett—


I enjoyed this book from start to finish. It made me laugh, made me cry and scared me to death. It also brings about how spiritual warfare goes on all around us. I can't wait until Pete Turner's next book is published! —Billie Jean Bolling—


Pete Turner takes you on a spiritual journey that will scare you straight to the altar! I definitely can’t wait for the next one in the series!—Perry Barger—


Great read! Can't wait for the sequel. While the idea of Christian horror may sound like an oxymoron, this book proves the validity of the genre. Horrific things do happen in this world, all the more need for a Christian perspective. You won't be able to put it down!—Pastor Dave—


If you enjoy novels that grapple with the concept of spiritual warfare, look no further than Pete Turner's debut novel, Whisper a Scream. WAS features therapist Solomon Noche, who finds himself over his head in wrestling with the demon Miyah and a cult of the ancient Philistine pagan fish-deity Dagon. Told from a first-person point of view, Turner does a good job of placing the reader inside Noche's mind...the journal entries that dot the plot also provide an additional personal touch to the struggles Christ's followers encounter in their never-ending battle against evil.

Can't wait for the sequel next year. Pete's "Taking Care of Business"!! –Scott E. Bach—


Solomon Noche is a therapist in Retselville, Kentucky, where he has given up on God. He begins to have horrific nightmares which leads him on a journey to unveil a long history of the towns Evil Secrets. Solomon soon discovers a 19th Century journal that tells of an evil cult and the demon - MIYAH.

Solomon is lead to a sacrificial altar , a well of skulls and a ritual dagger. He soon learns he can't trust anyone. Now confronted by Miyah , he must make the choice to give his trust and soul to God or give into the Fallen Angel.

This is a Spectacular Book. It will keep you on the edge , not knowing if it's all a dream or if the Gates of Hell are about to open. —Crystal Trent Dotson—Reviewer at All My Book Finds And Good Reads—


Author Pete Turner delivers a page-turner with his debut: the horrifically suspenseful Whisper A Scream.

Solomon Noche is the wayward son of a preacher, disillusioned with God after his wife and children succumb to a fatal car wreck. Presently putting his all into his work as a therapist, to numb the pain from the past, Solomon soon encounters a menacing mystery at Northstarr, the clinic in which he works, as he digs deeper into the facility's origins.

Sol soon discovers what evil looks like when he meets it, face to face. But is dealing with the devil- in the form of an ancient, pagan god- enough to spur the wayward son back home, through the delusive darkness to the light?

Open your eyes, turn the page, and whisper a scream!

—Teric Darken Author: Wickflicker—



Throughout the book writing process for Whisper A Scream, I was asked such things as, "What is another word for this?" or "What is it called when you do this?" My personal favorite was, "How do you spell ....?" That was about all I was allowed to contribute to the book. I was forbidden to read the manuscript until it was finished. I have always encouraged my husband because of his ability to write and to do so quite well.

I started reading the book one afternoon and told him to give me the first few chapters. After reading those, I asked for more. Before I knew it, I had read the whole book in one afternoon. It is that good!!! The suspense from one chapter to the next keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. This book has it all, an amazing setting, a carefully thought out plot, and enough horror to spook you in the night! Add to this an excellent antagonist/protagonist relationship, which leaves you wanting to see what happens next. The author also has the gifted ability to paint a mental image in your mind of Retselville and what is happening in this small town. I encourage everyone to get a copy of Whisper A Scream, you will not be disappointed!! –Tammi Turner—


In Whisper A Scream, we follow Solomon Noche, a small town therapist who uncovers an ancient evil that’s both shocking and riveting. Nightmares become reality, and reality is terrifying. An amazing first book which left this reader sleeping with the lights on. Book one in a trilogy, I am anxiously awaiting book two "Whisper From the Woods". –Traci Miller—


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Newest 5 Star Reviews on Amazon and more

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What an awesome story!! Gripping page turner by Pete Turner!! Edge of your seat thriller that touches your heart.



Whisper a Scream is a disturbingly believable account of a young man's battle with good and evil. In this case, the evil is incarnate and tangible. The characters have depth and the settings are beautifully created. This is a straight through read. The story grabs you and doesn't let go. It awakens a primal fear that catches the reader in it's grip and pulls them into the world of Solomon Noche. A world rich with beauty and terror.



Have you ever read a book that you just wanted to go on and on? Or perhaps a book that once finished, kept creeping back into your mind compulsively? Whisper A Scream is like that. Be prepared for a wild ride of frightening twists and turns as you plunge into the small town of Retselville, Kentucky. Full of mysteryy, suspense, evil and righteousness, I couldn't put this book down. If Perretti and Koontz were one, they would be Pete Turner! Thanks for sharing your talent for Spiritual Horror Mr. Turner. Well done!

—LORI BOGGS Author of "For The Helpless (coming soon)—


I heard the genre Christian Horror and I immediately thought, What kind of book could this be? So out of curiousity I began to read it...couldn't put it down. It is a must read. The characters are so familiar and real. I love all the little references to Appalachia (where I'm from). One chapter leaves you yearning to see what the next will bring. I challenge you to read it for won't be disappointed! 



A definite thriller! I have reread this book over and over. I can't wait for the 2nd book to be released.



All in all, this was a very thought-provoking read about the reality of spirtual warfare. (this was Sean's last sentence in a very long and awesome review- too long for this post).

—SEAN PHILLIPS Author of the Christian Horror Novel "The Freethinker's Child"—


BAM! FLASHBULB! CRASH! BANG! RUMBLE! With a flash of lightning and nightmares with demons, the story of a dark journey begins with a whisper.

Already having walked away from his faith because of a horrible tragedy, therapist Solomon Noche suddenly finds himself unwillingly receiving clues from the worst kind of demon. Clues to dark secrets in the small town of Retselville. As he uncovers these secrets it will make him wonder if he can trust anything including his very best friends.

Along with a very good, intense and scary story - there is some very valuable messages which include the importance of family and dealing with tragedy within faith. On a personal note, this editor is not a regular fan of Christian Horror, but this is truly a great horror story that will hold you until the dramatic end.



“Whisper A Scream is frightening, entertaining, and spiritually enlightening. Pete Turner has found a recipe that equals brilliance…”

—Sam "The Killer" Neace- Author of "Sugarland Melting" and host of "Killer Radio"—


“One of the best horror novels I’ve ever read!... Christian or otherwise!”

—Frank Newberry Guitarist & Co-Founder of Shoveltooth—


Solomon Noche is a nice guy, a good guy, but he has his share of baggage. Suffering the worst kind of grief since the death of his wife and kids two years earlier, Sol finds himself in a sort of half-life; not really giving anything 100% of his attention. When he literally stumbles into a hole that reveals to him the demonic past of his adopted town, Sol is forced to awaken and struggle--not only for his own soul, but for those of the entire town.

That was my attempt at a synopsis. Now, let's get down to the review.

Pete Turner scared me. No, I mean, like Stephen King scares me. This novel is Christian Horror storytelling at its finest. The first fifteen pages (or 8% on my Kindle) had me wondering if I shouldn't read this during the day. I guess I'm trying to say that Pete knows horror writing, and has crafted a story with that genre's feel and mood with biblical demonic elements. I kept thinking of Frank Peretti and Stephen King as I read this book. Creepy (like King), but with deeper meaning (like Peretti).

Pete Turner promises a sequel in the near future and you can bet I'll be first in line for my copy.

Read with the light on, and it wouldn't hurt to have your Bible handy.

 —ELLEN C MAZE—Author of the #1 Customer-Ranked Horror novel on Amazon Kindle, "Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider"—


Whisper A Scream: A (p)review

Posted by r2streu on June 10, 2011 at 6:33 AM

They (whoever they are) say that the first novel tends to be the most autobiographical. In the case of Pete Turner's Solomon Noche, there certainly seems to be more than a little bit of the author in the character. Turner, for example, used to play in a Christian metal band called Screaming Archangel, and is now a Childrens' Counselor. Same for Noche. Of course, given everything else Noche goes through in this book, we have to hope the similarities end with minor details and personality traits.


As Noche tries to put his life back together after massive personal tragedies, he begins to experience a series of nightmares and visions inexplicable even within his own background in psychology. As he tries to unravel the mysteries surroundin these dreams, Noche uncovers deeper and darker secrets than he'd ever imagined.

A scary tale of possession and child sacrifice, "Whisper" goes where too few Christian authors are willing: into the depths of spiritual warfare and occultism. It's a bold move for a first novel, and in spite of a few missteps of a first-time novelist, Turner approaches it well, with the right mix of entertainment and spiritual truth, without getting preachy.


The version I read was the first edition, by Green Hat Publishing. My chief criticism of this edition is simply that Turner (and the book) would have benefitted from a more attentive editor. There were issues with syntax and wording that distracted from an otherwise excellent story. Fortunately, Turner has re-released the book through TreasureLine, and has availed himself of an editor more able to give the novel the time and attention it deserves.


I haven't read the latest version -- now packaged as part one of a trilogy called "Noche Files," but am looking forward, not only to the improved edition, but to the next in the trilogy as well, "Whisper from the Woods."



Digital Dragon Magazine Issue.17 |October, 2010

Book Review

Whisper a Scream

Pete Turner

Reviewed by T.W. Ambrose

When Pete Turner first contacted me about his book, I almost turned him down. Digital Dragon is not always a place for Christian Horror, and I knew I wasn’t going to have the time to review for both DDM and Flame in the Dark (our sister magazine a Christian Horror Zine). But after getting to know Pete a little bit, and the passion with which he writes, I knew I had to read this book. And what better month to do it, then this month of scary movies, scary houses, and Batman costumes.

Now before we go into it, I don’t want to take this into yet another article on what is Christian Horror. So I will simply give you this verse, Ephesians 6:12 says “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” And Pete Turner’s book drops us precisely in that place, a battle against the rulers of darkness of this world.

The book tells the story of Solomon Noche, a small town therapist working in a home for troubled boys. As you may have guessed, Solomon had turned his back on God, due to the loss of his wife and son, but everything is about to change, when Pete’s dreams start calling for him to examine the horrors that had been committed at this spot over the last few hundred years.

Turner creates a very true to life character in Solomon as he writes the entire story in first person. He also adds many aspects of his own life, helping Solomon to come alive as a person you’ve known for some time. Solomon is also dropped into a situation that is truly terrifying, from the secluded small town, to the vision/dreams he keeps moving in and out of, to the idea of being all alone there with no one to share with; finalizing with a showdown with a Philistine demon ‐ truly hitting the mark with Christian Horror.

That’s not to say the book is without fault. There are points in this book where the fact that this is Pete’s first book shows. For example, he repeatedly goes to journal entries from a 1800’s pastor. Strangely enough, in grammar and spelling, this pastor talks and writes much like people from this day and age. The other flaw I found was the fact that in a first person format, Solomon reveals to us secrets that he doesn’t know.

In the end though, Turner has taken a path few choose to walk in Christian Horror. He has created believable characters and a world in which to place them. He may not yet be mentioned with the likes of Peretti and Decker, but he may not be many books from such company. In my recommendation, if you’d read This Present Darkness, House, and Dekker’s newest work, I say hop on Amazon and pick this one up. My guess is by the time you’re finished, you won’t be able to ‘whisper a scream’.

While it’s true, Pete’s theology may not match up 100% with mine, mine wouldn’t match up with his 100% either. I give Whisper a Scream four stars for awesomeness, two thumbs up for loading this book with enough scripture to not miss no matter how hard someone may try, and a gold star for writing a book I’d read a second time. I know I’ll be looking forward to his next book.

—T.W. Ambrose, Managing Editor Digital Dragon Magazine—


I LOVED this book Pete, can't wait to read another from you. Being from here and reading this book is alot different then being from outta town and reading it, I thought it was fabulous. I have passed it around work that EVERYONE needs to buy this book and read it, its a real page turner.




Posted by Pete Turner on May 19, 2011 at 10:52 PM Comments comments (1)

Besides the jounral, sacrifical altar, and a ritual dagger, what is the other thing that Sol uncovers where he works?

Everyone who answers correctly will enter a chance to win a Free E-BOOK! WInner chosen at random!

Whisper Review by Prominent Attorney John Hansen

Posted by Pete Turner on September 9, 2010 at 8:36 PM Comments comments (1)

J Hansen, September 7, 2010


By J Hansen - See all my reviews


This review is from: Whisper A Scream (Paperback)


Excellent read.Twists and turns until the end. Innovative mixture of Christianity, horror, mystery and demonic sacrifice. Do not expect anyone in this story to conform to stereotypes. This book brings life in contemporary rural Appalachia into mainstream Americana as professionals deal with sinister secrets in the world of macabre.


Warning: this book is scary as hell and should only be read in the daytime.

Review of Whisper by Melissa Bush

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Simply Amazing..., September 5, 2010


By Melissa Bush (Kentucky, USA) - See all my reviews


This review is from: Whisper A Scream (Paperback)


"Whisper A Scream" truly fits it's genre of Christian horror! It brings you into Solomon's world to feel the fear in his physical realm as he faces beings that no man hopes to encounter, and the horror of the greatest fear of most people; losing those they love.

However, amidst the fear it reminds you how strong the power of Jesus is. The spiritual impact is just enough to spark curiosity in all who read it, whether it be for more knowledge or an initial knowledge!


Everyone needs to read this book. Along with a wonderful and mysterious storyline, it educates the reader on the importance and impact of God and family. Not only will you enjoy following the twisted adventure of Solomon, but you'll end the book wanting to hold your loved ones tight...

Review of Whisper by Reenie Billheimer

Posted by Pete Turner on September 9, 2010 at 8:22 PM Comments comments (0)

Page Turner, August 30, 2010


By K. Billheimer "Reenie" (Piqua, OH) - See all my reviews


This review is from: Whisper A Scream (Paperback)


I really enjoyed this book. Great flow could barely stand to put it down. Not for the faint of heart. You will be challenged and torn. Elated one moment on edge the next it will be a roller coaster of emotions.


This is a great book you got to read it.

Whisper Review by fellow Horror Writer; Marge Fulton

Posted by Pete Turner on August 19, 2010 at 10:16 PM Comments comments (0)

A Review of Whisper A Scream

by Marge Fulton, Author of All Roads Lead to Hazard and The Holler, a horror collection.


Every now and then a book comes along to truly expand your imagination. Whisper A Scream by Pete Turner did just that. The Christian Horror novel took me outside the box to a familiar mountain valley that became unfamiliar and haunting.


Pete keeps the fantastic tale of demons and double-crossers real. Solomon Noche, his protagonist, is a behavioral therapist and we see the inside of his head and past as clearly as a mountain stream. Absent subplots, the story is a path itself into the heart of darkness in a remote rugged area. At times the reader’s heart beats in frantic harmony with Solomon’s as he crawls into trouble in closets, abandoned wells, bunkers and attics. Sol slowly becomes a hero of Biblical proportions. He seemed like television’s MacGyver with a Bible under his belt.


As a writer, I mine books as I read. My experiences writing mainstream fiction and horror make me hungry for sharp literary phrases. I turn down the corners of pages that contain unique similes and interesting lines. Pete’s book has been “cornered”.


Here are a few:


I also worried about silly things like wearing white after Labor Day (just kidding).


I stood there and fingered the knife in my hand as if I were trying to read Braille.


Night fell upon me like a huge defensive tackle…


Pete Turner has joined the club. His prose is crystal clear and deeply rooted in mountain wisdom and lore. If he is as determined a writer as Solomon was a spiritual warrior, Pete will go far. The only elements that seemed missing in the book for me were encounters with the troubled teenagers who were residents of the facility. Most of the interactions were with adults or supernatural beings. However, using the found journal wove the fabric of this horror tale even tighter. Pete drew richly from his own experience as a minister’s son, rock musician, father and trained therapist to write Whisper A Scream. I am glad to have experienced this enlightening book.

First Book Review (Re-Post)

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I reposted this in order to make a new thread specifically for reviews!


julie shutts 12:26 PM on August 18, 2010 by [email protected]


I bought a copy of Whisper a Scream at the book signing, Friday 13. I started the book on that evening and read through chapter three before the Littles (my four grandchildren) demanded my attention. That night, my reading glasses "tis dusrepeered", according to Landen.


This morning at 4:00 am they reappeared and I started the book again. I read straight through for eight hours and couldn't put it down. I had my cousin drive the kids to school so I could stay in my pajamas and read.


I loved it. I had so many different emotions flying around. I mourned the loss of his beloved, felt the terror of his demonic confrontation, embraced the love he felt for his parents ( my eyes streamed during the chapter with the Rev. Noche) and shared the incredulity on his awakening to find his worse nightmare undone.


It was great! I want to read the sequel.

Whisper is banned??

Posted by Pete Turner on August 6, 2010 at 11:32 PM Comments comments (3)

Whisper A Scream already controversial??


We as Christians are commissioned to go out into the world and preach Christ to every creature (person/ audience/ book reader?).  


However, when God leads certain of us to choose a method (path/ ministry/ writing style) that few people dare attempt in order to reach a certain group (audience) some Christians do not want to support it. I do not understand it?


However, earlier today I was informed by a sister in the Lord (and I say that w/o a hint of sarcasm- seriously) that WHISPER A SCREAM could not be sold in her bookstore because  it is labeled a Christian Horror novel?


I will say that it is by all means her perogative, not to sell Whisper. She is the owner, she is responsible for the content of what is in there. But I just do not understand it? I agree I am not yet a big name author, nor well known, yet, but I was planning to promote her store while (of course) promoting Whisper A Scream and myself. At least 100 people or so have asked where in my area will they be able to purchase the novel- it could have had a simple answer: therefore promoting her store and helping her to sell a new product. And if any of you are like me, you cannot go into a bookstore w/o browsing and finding something else to purchase.... I admit books are my weakness- I love to buy, read, and write them! So from a business perspective she could have not only made a profit from the selling of Whisper, but perhaps much more. And many of the potential customers may have been sinners whom God could have used in this instance to come to Christ- thus fulfillig this great commission.


I must admit it did hurt my feelings as I know Whisper A Scream, while it is a great adrenaline-laced supernatural (scare the devil outta ya) 'horror' novel; it will also help heal someone's soul with a underlying (an blatant) story of redemption. It has no cursing, no sex, but yes some blood and some downright scary moments; it is without a doubt to any reader's mind totally Christian!


And, if Oral Roberts University taught me anything, it is simply by helping out your brothers and sisters in Christ when they are in need; you will be rewarded on earth and in heaven?


Do I hold animosity toward this owner? Of course not. I still support the work she does, there can never be enough Christian retailers: or Christian business owners. Am I calling for a boycott of this (unnamed business)? On the contrary, please: Browse. Shop. Buy. Order. Pray for and support all Christian stores, and while you are in there (or need to call them) ask if they have Pete Turner's Whisper A Scream Christian Fiction novel...