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Posted by Pete Turner on October 23, 2011 at 5:35 PM



Whisper a Scream is a great example of how two separate genres of literary work can be blended so well...horror and Christian. Most people would find it odd to hear those two descriptions used to refer to the same book but author Pete Turner succeeded in blending the two effortlessly. Whisper a Scream takes the reader on a journey with chilling twists and turns that will have the reader questioning the very limits of reality. This a great first book from a local author. I would suggest this book for fans of various genres. He is in the process of getting his second book ready for publishing and I look forward to seeing what surprises he has in store for the readers next. Pick up a copy of Whisper a Scream and get ready for the next book.—O. G.—


A great read from a new author. You never know what to expect next in Whisper a Scream. You are never really sure what's real and what might be a dream. It's often said "Write what you know". Pete Turner knows Christian Horror. With this level of suspense, I'm already in line for book two.—Repo—


With a gripping plot, straightforward writing style, and plenty of mystery and cliffhangers, Whisper a Scream is full of everything a good horror needs. Wrapped around the core mystery is the journey of Solomon Noche as he delves into secrets surrounding the town and ancient events that occurred there. Every layer he uncovers is interesting; never is there a dull moment and never anything predictable or expected. The side characters are easy to form attachments to as Solomon's friends, though as shrouds of confusion lift, it becomes clear that the real source of Solomon's reliance, strength, and triumph can only be God. The journey as a human he must make lies in whether he can accept this, as he has in the past, but he doesn't have forever; evil forced are at war all around him as he quickly becomes their target.

Enough of my ranting. Whisper A Scream is a thrill and a riveting adventure, full of wonderfully gruesome creatures to strike terror and inescapable suspense guaranteed to keep the book tightly clenched in your fists. Seriously, guys, you should read.—Lindsey Weist—


I loved Pete Turners book Whisper A Scream. It kept me reading every spare minute till it was finished. I am really looking forward to more of his work.—Phyllis McIntosh—


This book kept my attention throughout the entire book. Scary, interesting, riveting all in one and the fact that it is a Christian Horror novel made it even more interesting to me. I am not a big horror fan but this book was a great read. I had never really thought about combining the two. Pete Turner shows in this novel it can be done. I would recommend it to anyone even those that do not really like horror.—Vickie Smith—


Whisper A Scream is a fun read, sure. But it also is an awakening to the world behind our world. As the story moves forward, the varnish is stripped away to reveal the ugly undercurrent of evil that surrounds the willingly blind and the slumbering enlightened. Who goes there? Friend or foe? Who walks among us and what is their true cause? Think you know? So did the main character. Yet even as the stripped away varnish reveals the horrid finish of evil, a luster of the grain of truth wears through, even burns through with a holy fire. God's love for us is boundless and the Refiner's fire, though painful, sears away the dross to bring us closer still to Him. Not that the demand on our main character is perfection. On the contrary. The message is to have your anger. Have your confusion. Bring your burden of sorrows to the cross where all is bought and paid for and leave them at the foot. Power and forgiveness, blessings beyond comprehension await those who depend on a Loving God and woe to evil against that armor. Whisper is a story of redemption and perspective. It is years of experience, pain, sorrow, forgiveness and joy as a prodigal son comes home. Read it and weep.—D. Doyle Reynolds Author of Shift—


Pete has done an amazing job bringing light to the unseen. As a YA speculative/Christian fiction author myself it made me think about what's going on around us that we, as humans, have absolutely no clue on. His imagery on that unseen world is awesome. Cannot wait for the next one. ~Jenna Kay~ Author of Clarity and Broken—


This book will keep you spellbound from beginning to end!!! Pete Turner has outdone himself with this book. I think this would be a perfect book to be transferred onto the big screen. Turner's blend of Christianity and Horror bring in the perfect blend for success. I am looking forward to more books from this Author!!! –Joe Collett—


I enjoyed this book from start to finish. It made me laugh, made me cry and scared me to death. It also brings about how spiritual warfare goes on all around us. I can't wait until Pete Turner's next book is published! —Billie Jean Bolling—


Pete Turner takes you on a spiritual journey that will scare you straight to the altar! I definitely can’t wait for the next one in the series!—Perry Barger—


Great read! Can't wait for the sequel. While the idea of Christian horror may sound like an oxymoron, this book proves the validity of the genre. Horrific things do happen in this world, all the more need for a Christian perspective. You won't be able to put it down!—Pastor Dave—


If you enjoy novels that grapple with the concept of spiritual warfare, look no further than Pete Turner's debut novel, Whisper a Scream. WAS features therapist Solomon Noche, who finds himself over his head in wrestling with the demon Miyah and a cult of the ancient Philistine pagan fish-deity Dagon. Told from a first-person point of view, Turner does a good job of placing the reader inside Noche's mind...the journal entries that dot the plot also provide an additional personal touch to the struggles Christ's followers encounter in their never-ending battle against evil.

Can't wait for the sequel next year. Pete's "Taking Care of Business"!! –Scott E. Bach—


Solomon Noche is a therapist in Retselville, Kentucky, where he has given up on God. He begins to have horrific nightmares which leads him on a journey to unveil a long history of the towns Evil Secrets. Solomon soon discovers a 19th Century journal that tells of an evil cult and the demon - MIYAH.

Solomon is lead to a sacrificial altar , a well of skulls and a ritual dagger. He soon learns he can't trust anyone. Now confronted by Miyah , he must make the choice to give his trust and soul to God or give into the Fallen Angel.

This is a Spectacular Book. It will keep you on the edge , not knowing if it's all a dream or if the Gates of Hell are about to open. —Crystal Trent Dotson—Reviewer at All My Book Finds And Good Reads—


Author Pete Turner delivers a page-turner with his debut: the horrifically suspenseful Whisper A Scream.

Solomon Noche is the wayward son of a preacher, disillusioned with God after his wife and children succumb to a fatal car wreck. Presently putting his all into his work as a therapist, to numb the pain from the past, Solomon soon encounters a menacing mystery at Northstarr, the clinic in which he works, as he digs deeper into the facility's origins.

Sol soon discovers what evil looks like when he meets it, face to face. But is dealing with the devil- in the form of an ancient, pagan god- enough to spur the wayward son back home, through the delusive darkness to the light?

Open your eyes, turn the page, and whisper a scream!

—Teric Darken Author: Wickflicker—



Throughout the book writing process for Whisper A Scream, I was asked such things as, "What is another word for this?" or "What is it called when you do this?" My personal favorite was, "How do you spell ....?" That was about all I was allowed to contribute to the book. I was forbidden to read the manuscript until it was finished. I have always encouraged my husband because of his ability to write and to do so quite well.

I started reading the book one afternoon and told him to give me the first few chapters. After reading those, I asked for more. Before I knew it, I had read the whole book in one afternoon. It is that good!!! The suspense from one chapter to the next keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. This book has it all, an amazing setting, a carefully thought out plot, and enough horror to spook you in the night! Add to this an excellent antagonist/protagonist relationship, which leaves you wanting to see what happens next. The author also has the gifted ability to paint a mental image in your mind of Retselville and what is happening in this small town. I encourage everyone to get a copy of Whisper A Scream, you will not be disappointed!! –Tammi Turner—


In Whisper A Scream, we follow Solomon Noche, a small town therapist who uncovers an ancient evil that’s both shocking and riveting. Nightmares become reality, and reality is terrifying. An amazing first book which left this reader sleeping with the lights on. Book one in a trilogy, I am anxiously awaiting book two "Whisper From the Woods". –Traci Miller—

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