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 here is the link to my first bl:og post with NAF! called Listening to Whispers 



check out my FEATURED COVER Story “skh”




                              FECKLESS- anthology

I am excited to announce that 2 of my short stories "QUACK" AND "SHOCKED" have been chosen to be part of an Antholgy of short stories with a host of other AWESOME writers. NOW AVAILABLE!!



                                            FEBRUARY 1, 2011

 I am BLESSED to now be part of the TreasureLine Publishing family!!!

     Awesome radio interview on Killer Radio- WKCB


             ME, Killer Neace and Special K from Killer Radio

           JANUARY   2011   NEWS

1/22/11 DIGITAL DRAGON MAGAZINE now has it's free PDF version of their October issue which contains "vociferate" my short story and a review of Whisper A Scream!!


1/21/11 Whisper A Scream PDF version (w/ alternate cover) is availble at the on-line store for only $3! 

1/19/11  I will have a short story "skh" published in the March edition of A Flame In The Dark Magazine!

1/15/11 Two of my short stories "Quack" & "Shocked" will be part on anthology published in FECKLESS in Feb. check out the links page.

1/7/11 I have added the new back blurb of Whisper From The Woods both on this front page and on the works page.

1/7/11 I have added an unpublished short story I wrote for last year's Halloween Dance.

1/1/11 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

        OCTOBER/NOVEMER news

11/6/10  By Popular Demand I have posted the Haunted Barn Poem under the Works section.

11/6/10  I added a few new links on the links section.

10/29/10 Whisper A Scream Now Availble at Cody's Corner in Buckhorn. 

 10/27/10  Pete Turner's short story "vociferate" is featured in the newly released Digital Dragon Magazine. Click the link to read the story now.

10/25/10   Pete Turner's short story "vociferate" will be featured in the upcoming edition of Digital Dragon Magazine! 

10/22/10   Pete Turner book signing at Perry County Library 1pm - 5pm!

                        OLDEST   NEWS

9/18/10   A Review Section including rating stars are available on the Whisper Fan Facebook page! 

9/12/10    Check out a possible new cover for Whisper A Scream by Mikayla Stokely on Gallery. 

9/9/10      Pete Turner Interview on WKCB w/ The Killer Neace now on LINKS!

9/9/10      ADDED "3 NEW" Whisper reviews to the left on the Blog. 

8/20/10    Whisper A Scream will now be sold exclusively in Hazard at the Decorating Center  

8/19/10    A review by Fellow Horror Writer, Marge Fulton was added! 

8/19/10    A Review Category is set up in the Blog Section- POST YOUR REVIEW!

8/18/10    Pete Turner is mourning the death of Agent, Dallas Releford's wife, Sharon passing this afternoon. Please say a prayer for him and his family. (love ya Dallas).

8/18/10     Whisper's First Book Review is In!

8/13/10     It's here!!! Green Hat Publishers announce the official release of "Whisper A Scream" 

8/13/10    You can purchase Whisper A Scream from (in links secton)

8/8/10      "WHISPER A SCREAM- Christian Horror Novel" has facebook fan page! 

7/22/10    Speaking at Perry County Library's Book Club

7/2/10      Added Whisper's final top 9 book covers (#1 will be released soon)!!

 6/8/2010 Whisper A Scream  acquisitioned by Green Hat Publishing.


5/17/2010 Pete is being represented by new agent and established author: Dallas Releford.