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Pete began writing as a young boy writing a horror novella by 7th grade. In his adolescence and early adulthood, he focused on writing lyrics and playing drums in various Christian rock bands. This culminated in 2004 with recording a professional CD with Screaming Archangel penning the lyrics for all thirteen original songs. He has tried his hand in many facets of published writing: from short stories, poetry, newspaper articles, church plays, a screenplay, to Christian rock lyrics.

Whisper A Scream (Noche Files I) is his first Supernatural Thriller Novel. It tells the story of Solomon Noche, who discovers a cult sacrificing children to a demon in a small town in the hills of Kentucky. It deals with cults, demons, child-sacrifice, deception, time-traveling nightmares, and deliverance through Christ. It more recently became the #1 Religious Fiction, #1 Horror, #1 Occult Horror, and #5 Mystery and Thrillers Customer Rayed Novel on Amazon Kindle. 

Whisper From The Woods (Noche Files II) Part 2 of the Whisper Trilogy Supernatural Thrillers Coming soon in 2012. In Whisper From The Woods, Solomon Noche discovers a serial killer named Silencer (who believes it’s his divine destiny to eradicate sin one ‘chosen’ at a time) has been dumping bodies in the woods behind his home for years. As he is thrust into a horror adventure through his nightmares, backwards riddles, and a cryptic chronicle. In a final twist, Pete has come to be known for, Sol is shocked at his final discovery only revealed in the final pages.

Pete currently lives in Western Kentucky with his wife, Chrissy. He is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, with an MA in Counseling from Eastern Kentucky University (1999) and a BA in Psychology and Pastoral Counseling from Oral Roberts University (1997). He has worked in many avenues in the mental health, social work, grief therapy, Christian Counseling fields. They own Associates in Counseling, a counseling agency in Leitchfield, Kentucky.

He has been a licensed ordained minister for many years—serving at differing times as a co-pastor, evangelist, teacher, seminary speaker, youth pastor, children’s church director, counselor, and musician.







Whisper A Scream (2nd Edition) (TreasureLine Books, April 2011)

Whisper From The Woods (TreasureLine Books, 2012)

Quack”; “Shocked” (short stories) Feckless (TreasureLine Books, February 2011)

skh” (a short story) A Flame In The Dark Magazine, (March 2011)

vociferate” a short story Digital Dragon Magazine (October 2010)

Whisper A Scream (Green Hat Publishers, 2010)

Screaming Archangel – Screaming Archangel (CD- lyricist, 2004)





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